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Reaffirming its leadership in telecommunications and technology, SLT-MOBITEL Mobile received the prestigious international award for “Best Innovation in Telecommunications”, during the World Innovation Congress held in Mumbai, India, on March 24, 2022.

This recognition is a testament to SLT-MOBITEL’s deployment of the innovative LTE network solution in the sub-1GHz band, designed to further expand rural broadband penetration in Sri Lanka. Sub-1GHz band LTE technology has also focused on improving telecommunications infrastructure and support services specifically to help customers in rural areas during the Covid-19 lockdown periods.

Commenting on this recognition, Lalith Seneviratne, CEO of SLT-MOBITEL Group, said: “It gives us immense pride and joy to see our innovative work being recognized internationally. The Global Innovation Congress is a world-renowned body for recognizing innovative companies around the world, and we are proud as a national ICT solutions provider to receive this prestigious award. While recognition has brought glory to Sri Lanka, it has also allowed us to save currency outflows and regain national spectrum resources in the 900 band; otherwise wasted due to cross-border interference. This innovative solution was only made possible by the support provided by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL), to provide Sri Lanka with island-wide 4G LTE connectivity. On behalf of SLT-MOBITEL, we are grateful to TRCSL for the continued support in making Sri Lanka a technologically advanced nation.

SLT-MOBITEL Mobile’s innovative Sub-1GHz 850MHz LTE network also provided unprecedented support during the Covid-19 travel restrictions when broadband became a necessity for everyone. With the rapid deployment of the LTE network, the public was able to work from home, deliver online training, engage in telemedicine, and continue their businesses and transactions.

Commenting on the achievement, Chandika Vitarena, CEO of Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd., said: “Winning Best Telecom Innovation at the World Innovation Congress reaffirms the drive for continued innovation and technology leadership. company in the fiercely competitive Sri Lankan market. This award reflects the hard work and tireless dedication of our teams to innovative connectivity solutions. As the only local mobile service provider, we are happy to see that our initiatives are helping the nation move forward in the technology space and are being recognized both nationally and internationally.

During this difficult period, with the innovative deployment of wider broadband coverage LTE network, SLT-MOBITEL Mobile has provided free access to online educational platforms and zoom platforms based on national universities, offering affordable additional volume packages to support uninterrupted education during this time.

In addition, through eChannelling, a subsidiary, SLT-MOBITEL Mobile offered remote medical consultations (telemedicine services), medical and vaccination appointments, and online drug delivery to support health services.

SLT-MOBITEL Mobile has also provided high priority services to work from home apps such as Zoom, MS TEAMS and Google Meet to provide customers with the best broadband experience. SLT-MOBITEL Mobile has also been recognized by Ookla®, the global leader in fixed and mobile broadband network testing, data and analytics applications, as the “Fastest Mobile Network in Sri Lanka” consecutively in 2019 , 2020 and 2021.

Additionally, by driving digital inclusiveness and boosting rural connectivity, SLT-MOBITEL continues to support initiatives at the national level such as the “Gamata Sanniwedanaya” program in collaboration with TRCSL which aims to provide 100% 4G LTE connectivity. to the nation. As 5G rollout plans are underway, SLT-MOBITEL continues to invest in improving its 5G-ready network infrastructure and has invested over $800 million to boost broadband services across the country. Sri Lanka.

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