Bulloch Schools Receive New Accreditation, Exceed National Average

Bulloch Schools Receive New Accreditation, Exceed National Average

According to staff reports

A Cognia professional review team has approved a five-year extension to the Bulloch County Schools International Accreditation, which will now be valid until 2027.

According to a statement from Hayley Greene, director of public relations for Bulloch County Schools, the school district received high marks for its culture, collaboration, and innovative and responsible use of resources, all of which contributed to a higher overall score. to the national average.

Greene said Cognia is one of two state-approved nonprofits that accredits Georgia public schools.
“This report reflects our journey over the past 10 years. Although this is a five-year review, it is the culmination of our 10-year journey that has gotten us to this point,” said Charles Wilson, Superintendent of Schools for Bulloch County.
The review team’s final report stated, “The team commends the system for its commitment to continuous improvement and is confident that it has the ability to maintain its high level of excellence while continuing to improve learning opportunities for all students. »
Looking at the district’s overall performance based on a set of international standards in three areas (Leadership, Learning and Resources), Greene said the team gave the district its two highest ratings of “Impact.” or “Improvement”, in the 31 domains. standards and did not issue any ‘insufficient’ or ‘initial’ ratings, which are the lowest on Cognia’s four-level rating scale. The team’s final report noted that the school district’s culture of leadership, collaboration with the community, and innovative use of resources were “deeply rooted” and “impacted” positively on how schools can operate. effectively and help children learn successfully.
“While accreditation reviews help school districts continuously improve, they also matter to parents because re-accreditation ensures the school district remains eligible to receive state and federal funds to serve children, and students attending non-accredited school districts may have difficulty transferring course credit, applying to colleges, and receiving financial aid, including the HOPE Scholarship,” Greene said.

Cognia, formerly Measured Progress, merged with AdvancEd and changed its name to Cognia in 2018. The global non-profit organization offers accreditation and certification, assessment, professional learning and improvement services to more than 36,000 institutions in 80 countries, reaching nearly 25 million students and 5 million educators. .

AdvancED was created from mergers of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement, or SACS-CASI.

Greene said credentialing reviews are held every five years.

In the spirit of the district’s statement of belief, Greene said the school system plans to thoroughly review the comments in the accreditation report and view it as fertile ground for further improvement and an opportunity to improve. reach its full potential.
“I want to personally thank the school board for supporting the best school district team I believe exists and for the opportunity to serve this entire community in this effort,” Wilson said.

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