BestColleges pledges $ 2 million to Golden Door scholars


SEATTLE, November 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – today announced its pledge to $ 2 million over four years to Golden Door Scholars, an organization that has worked to break down university financial barriers for hundreds of undocumented students since 2013. The funding will provide up to 40 DACA and undocumented students with an education in undergraduate and career access.

Ineligible for federal financial aid or tuition fees in most states, top performing undocumented students can access economic mobility through Golden Door Scholarship opportunities. The organization has a graduation rate of over 98% among active scholarship holders over the past 9 years, with 277 active students averaging a 3.6 GPA at over 20 partner institutions and 72 new students expected to join. the program in 2022.

“Opportunities should only be determined by tenacity and hard work, and absolutely not by immigration status,” said Cobretti Williams, Ph.D., chief editor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for . “BestColleges is proud to invest in students who deserve to continue their education and to define their future. The proven track record of the Golden Door Scholars and their decade-long struggle for immigration reform and the permanent status of undocumented students make him particularly qualified to change the trajectory of this under-represented group within our future workforce.

BestColleges has also partnered with Golden Door Scholars to develop a suite of resources for undocumented students at Specially tailored tips for college preparation and career planning, expert advice and real-life student perspectives are aimed at helping undocumented students navigate the academic landscape.

Golden Door Scholars partners with educational institutions to cover tuition, accommodation, and board costs for recipients seeking four-year degrees in career-ready fields like technology and health sciences. Hundreds of recipients also come together each year for a three-day summit. Golden Door Scholars alumni hold positions at Apple, Google, Red Ventures, Oracle, EY, and Deloitte, among other companies, and some pursue graduate studies at prestigious universities including University of California, Berkeley, duke university, Harvard University, Oxford University, and Washington University.

“At Golden Door Scholars, we believe that every institution has a responsibility to ensure that all young people have access to education and employment opportunities that prepare them for high-growth careers and family sustainability. “, said Kacey Grantham, executive director of Golden Door Scholars. “BestColleges’ support will not only support deserving academics who otherwise could not afford a college degree, but also set an example for businesses and organizations to use their platform to do the right thing. “

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About Golden Door Fellows

Scholars of the Golden Gate (GDS) is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by the CEO of Red Ventures Ric Elias invest in education and career access for high performing undocumented students. In the United States, nearly 98,000 undocumented students graduate from high school each year. To date, GDS has supported nearly 500 researchers. Currently, the program supports 277 academics attending partner schools such as duke university, Georgetown University, and Tufts University. GDS has 189 graduates pursuing higher education or working in companies such as Apple, Google, Red Ventures, Accenture, etc.

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