Bay Path Creates First University Curriculum Assessment Course |

Designed for senior executives, researchers and graduate students, it will help executives make more informed decisions.

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Evaluating the success of academic programs can be complex for post-secondary institutions that hope to grow, diversify and remain viable over the long term.

But a new course launched by Bay Path University and higher education consulting firm Gray Associates can help college and university leaders gain expertise in their data analysis and procedures to make more informed decisions.

“Too often, institutions make program decisions with limited data, using processes that alienate the campus community,” said Bob Atkins, CEO and Founder of Gray Associates. “Our course teaches education leaders how to assess markets, margins, academic performance, and mission alignment before making decisions. It also provides students with a strong, inclusive and effective decision-making process that strengthens relationships within the institution.

The asynchronous, self-paced course, considered the premier on academic curriculum and assessment and management, will help leaders identify and overcome potential errors in the assessment process. The knowledge they gain can help them increase enrollment, determine when phasing out programs makes sense, and provide better results for students.

“In tough times, institutions often cut small programs, most of which are profitable,” said Steve Probst, senior partner at Gray. “To avoid this mistake, students learn to analyze program economics and distinguish small losing programs from profitable programs, so they don’t accidentally make matters worse by closing small but profitable programs.”

Who is the program for?

Bay Path and Gray say the course is aimed at senior executives, university leaders, faculty, researchers, consultants, assessment officers, and graduate students. Those who take it will gain knowledge in program analysis and entrepreneurship, receiving a certificate from Bay Path’s Center for Higher Education Leadership and Innovative Practice (CHELIP).

The course is powered by the innovative work of Dr Melissa Morriss-Olson, Provost Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Higher Education Leadership at Bay Path and Founding Director of Higher Education Leadership & Organizational Studies and CHELIP. The author of Academic entrepreneurship: the art and science of creating the right academic programs, Morriss-Olson has not only created more than 40 thriving programs at Bay Path, but has also been at the forefront of evaluating 100 other institutions that have faced program challenges. Colleges that implemented strategies similar to those taught in the new course – intelligently assessing financial ratios, enrollments, advancement, curriculum development, and fundraising strategies – were much more likely to be successful. and to become more enterprising and innovative than others.

“More than ever, institutions need a new way to create and manage a portfolio of academic programs, and Bay Path is pleased to be the first to bring this to the leaders of tomorrow,” said Melissa Morriss-Olson , renowned professor at Bay Path. “This course that we have built uses the best of our experiences and ideas. “

Executives interested in enrolling in the program can obtain more information here.

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