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SHERIDAN – The GrowinG Internship Program is now accepting applications for 2022. This program is part of a larger project providing education and hands-on experience to beginning Wyoming farmers and ranchers.

The goals of the internship program are to provide hands-on internships on working farms and ranches to beginning Wyoming farmers and ranchers each year, in cooperation with state producer organizations and educational institutions. Applications to get involved are now being accepted from potential interns and site hosts.

The program will fund approximately 10 internships per year with stipends of approximately $4,500 per internship. Eligible persons will be 18 years of age or older and identify themselves as being ready to start farming or involved in farming/livestock farming for less than 10 years.

GrowinG interns who are also degree-seeking students are encouraged to seek academic credit for their participation in the GrowinG internship program. Academic credit must be agreed in advance between the student and an academic advisor at the educational institution granting the scholarship.

Interns selected to participate will spend 90 days at a host farm or ranch participating in daily activities, learning from the manager and others. Successful applicants will work with the site host to establish start and end dates once an award has been awarded. Participation in at least one agricultural educational event as part of the internship is also expected.

“Weekly work summaries will help the intern reflect on daily work and educational experiences throughout the internship,” said Ben Rashford, one of the project coordinators. “Summaries will be posted on the project site to help others understand the benefits of participation.”

The operators selected to host the trainees undertake to provide room and board for the internship experience. Hosts will work with the intern to provide educational and safe learning experiences for the intern, keeping in mind their learning goals whenever possible.

“We encourage trainees and interested farmers to apply now,” said project coordinator John Hewlett. “A state committee will screen applicants and match interns with host sites in early March.”

Online application forms are available at Separate tabs provide links to intern and host application materials. The site also offers general information about the project as a whole, as well as valuable links to a collection of useful resources and documents.

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