Anatel: public call for interested parties to connect public schools

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On Tuesday, August 30, the School Connectivity Administrator Entity (EACE) launched a public call for the selection of service providers to implement connectivity in the 181 schools that are part of the pilot project approved by the Project Cost Monitoring Group. Connectivity in Schools. (Yawn).

The selected companies will be responsible for providing connectivity solutions in educational institutions in the cities of Baía da Traição/PB, Berilo/MG, Cavalcante/GO, Coronel Domingos Soares/PR, Entre Rios/SC, Espigão D’Oeste/ RO, Gaucha do Norte/MT, Pau D’arco/PA, Santa Luzia do Itanhy/SE and Silva Jardim/RJ.

These cities were chosen by Gape based on variables such as the Municipal Human Development Index (MHDI); the number of beneficiary students; the size and degree of connectivity of the municipality; and the existence of schools on indigenous lands, in remaining quilombo communities and in rural settlements.

According to the requirements defined by Gape in July, when approving the pilot project, schools must be connected, preferably, through fiber optic technology, with at least 50 Mbps download speed per establishment, being desirable to provide 1 Mbps per student in the longest shift.

In addition, a complete solution for deployment and maintenance of the internal network must be provided – including structured cabling and Wi-Fi coverage in the school premises – in addition to all the resources necessary for connectivity, such as as the design, materials, fees, licenses, services, equipment and other supplies required.

The selected company will also have to assess the existing electricity network, make the necessary adjustments or, in the absence of commercial electricity supply, propose an alternative solution.

Companies interested in participating in the process must express themselves before September 12, 2022, by e-mail: [email protected] The following information must be transmitted: company name, CNPJ, full name, e-mail address and telephone number of the manager and address of the company’s website (if applicable).

The public call for the selection of providers does not imply the hiring of companies that express an interest. The EACE will or will not proceed with the contractualisation according to its need or convenience, under the terms of public notice of appeal .

The full list of selected schools is available at . The Connectivity in Schools data panel it should be noted, contains information on all the basic education institutions of the Brazilian public network.


Gape aims to carry out connectivity projects for public primary schools, with the quality and speed necessary for the pedagogical use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in educational activities.

It is up to the Group to define the technical criteria, the objectives and the deadlines of the projects which may include all infrastructures, equipment and means associated with the achievement of the objectives related to the connectivity of public elementary schools; monitoring and inspection of the activities of the School Connectivity Management Entity (Eace); and approving the use of resources earmarked for execution by Eace.

Gape is made up of representatives from Anatel, the Ministries of Communications and Education, and one representative from each of the successful bidders for the 26 GHz band in the 5G auction (Tender Notice No. 1/ 2021-SOR/SPR/CD-ANATEL).

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