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EK is excited to be on this list again in 2021. Along with our recognition as one of the Top 100 Important Knowledge Management Companies for seven consecutive years, it demonstrates our leadership in Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Initiatives. business.

EK offers advanced information and knowledge management services, ranging from analysis and mapping, to the design, development and integration of machine learning (ML) and knowledge engineering solutions. point. This focus makes us the expert integrators of reference for providers of market-leading technologies and semantic technologies that are the basis of scalable and efficient artificial intelligence solutions.

Our work in this space goes far beyond strategy. We’re excited to help organizations understand their gaps and chart their way into enterprise AI.

We’re also excited to partner with many organizations to prove the value of enterprise AI prototypes. Increasingly, however, we are leading organizations into true global transformations with reusable solutions, connecting organizational silos, and continuing to provide advanced recommendations and automated content and data governance.

What sets EK apart as a leader in this space are our more than 70 full-time experts who combine distinct disciplines including Library and Information Science, Data Science and ML Engineering, ontology and knowledge graphics, as well as Agile facilitation and change management, with a long track record of success drawn from our past experiences of delivering over 100 advanced KM solutions.

Contact us if you are looking for advanced KM and AI solutions with defined governance, maintenance and plan that go from prototype to enterprise.

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