Advanced sense and avoid capabilities through the integration of Iris Automation and Sagetech Avionics products into the UAV Navigation flight control system

UAV Navigation recently strengthened its long-term collaboration with Sagetech Avionics, Inc. and Iris Automation for transponder integration and real-time computer vision to improve sense
and avoid the capabilities of its flight control solutions.

Sagetech’s MX family of transponders and Iris Automation’s innovative Casia® sense and avoid systems provide the VECTOR autopilot with the ability to detect uncooperative manned and unmanned aircraft in its airspace and take corrective actions autonomously or manually, avoiding potential collisions.

Transponders are devices that transmit position and attitude parameters of an aircraft in flight to a local control tower or compatible receiver. Sagetech’s FAA-certified ADS-B IN/OUT transponder feeds the UAV navigation flight control system with real-time information about a suitably equipped aircraft in flight so that it can be displayed directly in Visionair, the software of the ground control station.

Iris Automation’s Casia computer vision systems leverage AI and deep learning algorithms to detect surrounding air traffic, aid automated or manual deconfliction and collision avoidance.

These integrations improve the operational safety of aircraft using the UAV navigation system and create a benchmark for detecting and avoiding cooperative and uncooperative air traffic in the UAV industry.

UAV Navigation is fully aware that one of the biggest challenges facing the aviation industry is the coexistence of many manned and unmanned platforms in the same airspace. This collaboration allows direct compatibility with the products of the three companies and enables simple integration within a single and intuitive interface from which the drone operator can monitor and control the mission.

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