5 US Universities Offering Laptops and iPads

The start of a new academic year is often accompanied by multiple discounts and free for students to help them stick to their budget as they transition to university life. Some schools offer far more than the college essentials at a great price. These universities distribute free laptops or iPads to any incoming student as part of an initiative to bridge the digital divide in learning.

With blended learning and educational technology (edtech) becoming the norm in universities around the world, having a well-functioning device is essential to ensuring a satisfying classroom experience. A research 2020 survey of prominent freshmen at US universities found that laptop ownership is strongly linked to academic performance: non-owners were associated with negative academic performance.

Whether you’re a heavy laptop or iPad user, having one that won’t crash when you open a new tab can go a long way to maximizing your study time. Since you paid high fees for your degree, especially if you are an international student, why not get yourself a shiny new gadget on your first day?

With blended learning becoming more mainstream on many campuses, access to edtech is becoming increasingly crucial for college students. Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP

Freebies for students: US colleges with free laptops or iPads for first-years

Dakota State University (DSU)

Launched in 2004, DSU’s Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative was provide new full-time students with a laptop computer every fall. Students will receive the latest Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga specially configured for DSU programs.

The device includes pre-installed licensed software, as well as warranty protection and battery replacements. On-campus support is available if you have any problems with the laptop, and you must pay the repair costs if the damage is caused by careless or negligent use.

Delaware State University

Delaware State University, one of the most prolific historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the United States, has been committed to providing equitable access to higher education for more than 130 years.

His Digital Student Universe Initiative takes it one step further – all new freshmen graduating from high school beginning in May 2018 are eligible for either a 16GB Apple iPad Pro in Space Gray or a 13-inch Macbook Pro, depending on your focus. topic.

As if that weren’t enough, these gifts for college students each come with a protective case, detachable Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil for iPad recipients, plus a warranty of one year for all devices. iPads get three years of AppleCare+, while Macbook users will get four years, which covers accidental damage.

Free admission for university students

Having an updated device that meets the latest software requirements for your college program can make a huge difference to your overall learning experience. Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFP

Moravian University

Some schools go above and beyond to guarantee student gifts, and Moravian University certainly fits the bill. Here new students get both an iPad and an Apple Macbook Pro when they accept an offer of admission, which will be theirs even beyond graduation.

This generous donation is largely attributed to the university’s status as an Apple Distinguished School and its Comenius Access to Technology program. Additionally, the university’s widespread use of Apple software is supported by an information technology team and an online education department to level the technological playing field among users.

University of Minnesota Crookston

The first American institution of higher education to issue free laptops to all students and faculty on campus has continued its tradition to this day since 1993. Every new student will receive a standard laptop from day one, designed to enhance their learning experience on the Crookston campus.

Students on campus beginning in Fall 2022 will receive an HP Elitebook x360 1040 laptop computer and may retain it after graduation if they meet all graduation requirements approved by the Registrar’s Office .

Chatham University

Under his Undergraduate 1:1 Laptop Program, this private Pittsburgh-based university will issue a 13-inch MacBook Air to all incoming freshmen, along with a backpack and laptop case. Transfer students may be eligible for a 13-inch MacBook or MacBook Air depending on their number of credits.

Students are also entitled to four years of AppleCare warranty coverage, in addition to Safeware theft and accidental damage protection for the same duration. After graduation, ownership of the device transfers to the student.

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