5 Harsh Realities of Learning Super Saiyan (& 5 Benefits)

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon ball z turned out to be a staple of the shonen genre. by Toriyama Dragon ball Gradually broadened its reach and featured unprecedented levels of power, but the show’s main focus never wavered. Goku’s journey in Dragon ball allows him to master many powerful techniques and transformations.

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There is no end to Goku’s training and possible transformations, but his experience as a Super Saiyan is a major component of its development, for better or for worse. New forms of Super Saiyan transformations continued to dominate Dragon ball and there is a lot more to the power upgrade than people realize.

ten Harsh reality: it is usually triggered first by extreme rage and adversity

The beginnings of Super Saiyans are initially imbued with the idea that Saiyans must endure extreme loss and anger to trigger transformation and become more attuned to the aggressive nature of the Saiyan heritage. More power is appreciated, but Goku, Future Trunks, Gohan, and Vegeta all reach their breaking points in order to transform first.

Certainly, the more that Dragon ball continues, the looser the conditions around Super Saiyan activation become. Dragon ball super even plays with the idea that Saiyans in Universe 6 can transform through focus and focus rather than trauma.

9 Advantage: the power boost it provides

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate Dragon ball Super Saiyan transformation, but ultimately its most crucial characteristic is that it catapults the Saiyan to an exponentially higher layer of power. These transformations keep changing and getting more complex, but the Super Saiyan transformation is introduced so that Goku can finally match the strength of Frieza and take out this galactic tyrant.

Since then, transformation has become the benchmark for surpassing strength and is often the crucial ingredient in defeating an enemy.

8 Harsh reality: there are false steps and endless intermediate steps

The various Super Saiyan transformations slowly reveal an easy path to follow, but before the introduction of major milestones like Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3, there are a lot of unsatisfying middle steps. These extra Super Saiyan stages are an attempt to create some extra suspense, but they all end up feeling inconsequential.

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Awkward transformations like Advanced Super Saiyan, or the different qualities of Super Saiyan Blue, just leave a Saiyan confused as to the “correct” path. There should be no responsibility for unnecessary transformations.

seven Advantage: it improves the base strength of the Saiyan

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Dragon ball is an anime that is fascinated by a character’s level of progression and the new goals they set for themselves. the awesome nature of Saiyan genealogy Allows them to improve their base strength in several ways, such as a Zenkai boost.

Saiyans get stronger when they transform into Super Saiyans, but it also establishes a new, higher power base. The same is true with Super Saiyan God or Ultra Instinct, where Goku can internalize the upgrade and then build on it.

6 Harsh reality: extreme power can wreak havoc with reality

Anime Dragon Ball Z Goku Super Saiyan 3 Energy Transformation

Power is an important thing in Dragon Ball, but the characters end up reaching such plateaus of force that they threaten the stability of the Earth itself. This is an issue that continues to be addressed as characters become Super Saiyan God and beyond.

However, Goku’s first Super Saiyan 3 transformation shakes the planet and it is such a huge transformation that it limits the time he has left on Earth. When Gotenks transforms into Super Saiyan 3, he can also only maintain form for less than half an hour. It’s just too much energy.

5 Advantage: the intimidating aura it provides

The power and skills that a new transformation unlocks are most important, but a decent intimidating factor should not be underestimated. The change of hair and pupils is Important side effects of becoming a Super Saiyan, but it also imbues the Saiyan with a harsh aura.

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This aura only becomes more aggressive with each stage of Super Saiyan, acquiring electricity and other volatile forces. There is power to back it all up, but sometimes a Super Saiyan’s aura alone can scare away threats.

4 Harsh reality: there can be physical inconvenience and strain on the body

Transformations into Dragon ball are usually cause for celebration, but a gradual examination of the Super Saiyan Customs Series shows that there is a downside to some of these newer forms as well. Advanced Super Saiyan, for example, is such a bulky makeover that it’s too slow to be practical.

Stronger transformations exert constant strain on the Saiyan’s body. Super Saiyan 4 also radically changes the body and look of the user, some of which may object. Strength is often the priority here, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of a disadvantaged new body.

3 Advantage: it can be combined with other upgrades and transformations

There was a period when it seemed like Super Saiyan’s sophisticated new transformation was replacing all of the previous boosts and upgrades Goku had learned. There has been a debate for some time as to whether Super Saiyan could be combined with the Kaio-Ken attack or the spiritual bomb.

For a long time, Goku did not mix these skills, but Dragon ball super features a combination of Super Saiyan Blue and Kaio-Ken Attack, proving it’s possible. Granted, this puts incredible strain on the user’s body and additional consequences can occur, but it is doable.

2 Hard reality: it sets off a slippery slope to always reach the next level

The first appearance of a Super Saiyan is a defining moment in Dragon ball history, but there is also no going back from this point. We didn’t know if there would be only one Super Saiyan, let alone several steps to this increase in power, but the continued reliance on Super Saiyan forms has grown Dragon ball on a predictable path.

It becomes more and more telegraphic that every Saiyan will become Super Saiyan, and then set his sights on each of the progressive stages. Once a Saiyan begins, he sets out on a predictable path.

1 Advantage: it introduces an element of healing

A good offense is invaluable in a series like Dragon Ball, but there are countless altercations where effective defense is the key to success. The Super Saiyan transformation is all about taming the aggressive and violent power, but it in turn filters that rage into healing serenity.

Goku experiments with the energy balance in play with Super Saiyans, who turn out to have marginal healing abilities. Goku transfers energy to bring a bird back to life and Super Saiyan God Status exhibits even more substantial healing capacities.

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