2021-22 Georgia Lady Bulldogs training underway

ATHENS, Georgia – The University of Georgia Lady Bulldog basketball team held their first official training session of the 2021-22 season on Thursday night at the Stegeman Coliseum training center.

Edited by the 2021 SEC Coach of the Year Joni taylorGeorgia returns nearly 85 percent of her team score last season. The Lady Bulldogs are ruled by returning graduate students Jenna staiti, That Morrison, Mikayla coombs and Malury bates – seniors who have all obtained undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia.

Member of the SEC 2021 freshman team Sarah Ashlee Barker is also back and will be joined by McDonald’s All-Americans Reigan richardson and Jillian hollingshead.

During Thursday’s media availability, Taylor, Staiti and Morrison made the following comments.

The Head Coach Joni taylor

At Jenna staiti and That Morrison back…

“I don’t know if I can put it into words. It’s so great to have them. You go from thinking you’re going to lose four seniors and you’re very young to having two in return. That gives you three starters. in return. Their experience and the miles they have covered in the field are amazing. They are leading the way. They are both from Georgia state and wanted to come back. They felt like they had it. an unfinished business, and I think that is its own statement. Both could have been easily drafted and could have gone on to play, so I just think that is a testament to the love they have for their program and the one for the ‘other that they wanted to come back for another year. “

At Sarah Ashlee Barker begins its second season …

“She’s in very good shape. She looks great. Our message to her was’ You have to stay on the floor, which means you have to stop messing up. Your role is going to be very different from last year, and that starts with being available and being on the pitch. ‘ Just really don’t get into these situations to get in trouble where she has to sit – just systematically reversing punches. I think for her we know she’s capable of that. I think this year she’s feeling a lot more comfortable with our system and what we’re doing. She doesn’t think so much. She’s playing, so it already looks different. Just being able to consistently take down shots and then challenge her to be a three-level scorer and not just be content with those jump shots. “

At Jenna staiti and That Morrison be in good shape to start the season …

“With Que, she’s in great health. For us, it’s just about managing their load. The goal for us is for them to end the season healthy and put them in position to be successful. is what it is. I tell our players all the time that it’s fair, but it’s not the same. There are just some things they are not going to do. Jenna is in her life. sixth year, and Que is in its fifth. they have on their tires, as i say all the time in practice, i don’t need to see that go through a ball screen. i am very confident that ‘she can do that, so I have to ask someone else those reps or have someone else represent Jenna offensively. For us, it’s about making sure they stay sharp, that they stay in shape, that they have a chip on their shoulder. Manage the load and make sure that they end the season in good health, so that they can continue to have a great professional career is our goal. They are both in good health. They both look great. They pick up where they left off last season, which was at a very high level, scoring and playing. They are delighted to start today, and I am delighted to see how they continue to lead now that we are practicing. “

# 23 That Morrison | Graduate | Guardian

On his decision to come back for this season …

“I always had that in mind when I was presented with the opportunity. I wasn’t focused on it because I had a season to finish and that was all I was really interested in. Once a season. finished, I kept the window open between the return and the draft entry when honestly, I always knew I was coming back. “

On what’s unfinished and what she wants the team to accomplish …

“More so, to go further than where we have been. Last year is over and I have to look forward to what lies ahead. I see a bright future for this group of girls and I just want to take it further and go further. “

On what she tells young players, given her experience …

“I kind of got this role last year, thinking it was my last year, but I’m just trying to lead by example. How it’s supposed to be. Lead by example. I do. since our return this summer and my teammates have recognized it. “

# 14 Jenna staiti | Graduate | Center

On his decision to come back for this season …

“I really thought about making the WNBA Draft. But after many conversations with Coach Joni, it was like ‘how can I not take this opportunity?’ This is a very good opportunity for me. I can finish my masters. I will spend another year here and my family and friends can see me play once again here at the college level. Everything just seemed like I had needed to be here. It took a lot of the weight off me once I decided to come back. I was really stressed out about the decision making process because I really wanted to do what was best for me and not what my parents thought I should do or anything like that, but overall it was the best decision for me. “

On her basketball years and how far she has come …

“I see the really shy and unconfident player that I was when I first came here. What these coaches and my teammates have helped me transition into and the trust they place in me every time. day really turned me into the player I am today. It means the world to me. I think I’ve grown a lot. I’m an adult now. Even off the pitch I’m a whole different person of who I was when I first came here. “


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