10 brokers who offer commission-free trades

The trend of commission-free online trading platforms makes investing more accessible to more people, especially as account minimums disappear. His…

The trend of commission-free online trading platforms makes investing more accessible to more people, especially as account minimums disappear.

It is important to understand that when an online broker offers commission free trades, it simply means that they are not charging their own fees to help execute the trade. There could still be other costs involved. Also, keep in mind that exchange traded funds and mutual funds have expense ratios and these fees are always charged even though there is no commission for buying or selling the. funds.

As with any investment, knowing what you’re getting into, understanding the terms, and making sure you’re prepared to deal with potential losses is essential. If you’re looking for a commission-free online broker for your investing needs, here are 10 that don’t charge a trading fee:

– Charles Schwab

– Loyalty

– JP Morgan self-managed investment

– Interactive brokers

– Bord Merrill

– E-commerce

– Ally Invest

– Avant-garde

– TD Ameritrade

– SoFi Invest

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Charles Schwab

A well-known discount broker who reduced their trading commission to zero in 2019, Charles Schwab Corp. free trading. applies to ETFs, shares, fractional shares and Schwab mutual funds. There is no minimum account, so it is relatively easy to open an account and fund it. Schwab also offers several research tools and teaching aids. In addition to this, the broker has an automated investment platform, Intelligent Portfolios, for those interested in a robo-advisor product.


You probably think of Fidelity Investments Inc. primarily in terms of managing retirement accounts. It’s certainly the bread and butter of the business, but Fidelity also has its own discounted online trading platform that doesn’t come with a minimum account. On top of that, you can trade stocks and ETFs without paying commissions. All of the company’s proprietary mutual funds are also traded for free, as are many non-Fidelity mutual funds. Because this is Fidelity, it’s no surprise that there are many investment education and research tools you can use to help you make informed investment decisions.

JP Morgan self-managed investment

This digital platform from JPMorgan Chase & Co. can be a good commission free broker for newbie traders. It charges zero commissions on stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and options trades, and offers selection tools to help users define their strategies. No minimum account in taxable and retirement accounts, it’s easy to start investing for any financial goal. And if you prefer a less practical approach, you can still invest with the robo-advisor component of the platform for an annual advisory fee of 0.35%. Just be aware that there is a minimum account of $ 500 for the service.

Interactive brokers

Interactive Brokers Group Inc. has made a name for itself as an options trading website, but it is possible to trade stocks, ETFs, and options without paying a commission. There is no minimum count, so getting started is pretty straightforward. This broker offers an interesting range of tools designed to analyze your portfolio and your options choices, including the ability to use what-if scenarios, which allow you to create a hypothetical portfolio based on your actual portfolio so that you can see how the changes may affect your results. In addition to that, the Index Arbitrage Counter is a great tool that you can use to determine if the index futures prices are at fair value.

Edge Merrill

For Bank of America Corp. clients, the natural choice for a commission-free broker may be Merrill Edge. The Bank of America branch allows you to link your Bank of America bank account to your Merrill Edge brokerage account so you can view and manage everything from one platform. The platform also offers to trade stocks and ETFs online to complement a fairly robust suite of research tools. Without a minimum account, it’s easy to get started.

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How many investors remember the baby of E-Trade Financial Corp. and those smart ads? Well, E-Trade has gone from being one of the most expensive online brokers of the past to offering free trading in stocks, options, and ETFs. There is no minimum account requirement, which makes it easy to get started. E-Trade also offers several research tools, different platforms and charting options to better analyze the data and choose the investments most likely to help you achieve your goals.

Ally Invest

Ally Financial Inc. started out as an online bank, offering high yield accounts. Now it also offers investment services. Ally Invest will allow you to open an account with no minimum, as well as trade stocks and ETFs without worrying about trading commissions. The company has strong investment education resources and offers access to streaming quotes, charts and calculators designed to help you make informed decisions. It also offers a robot advisor option with no management fees and a minimum account of $ 100.


Known for its low cost investing, The Vanguard Group Inc.’s wide selection of funds makes it a great option for long-term investors. As of January 2020, the broker also offers commission-free online trading for stocks and ETFs in addition to its mutual funds. That said, the company is still targeting buy and hold investors more by not providing a lot of tools or calculators for short-term trading. It also doesn’t list leveraged ETFs on its platform, which can involve a lot more risk. The platform provides digital advice both in a purely robotic form through its digital advisor and in a hybrid form with Vanguard Personal Advisor Services.

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TD Ameritrade

Now owned by Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade Inc. is a good option for new and experienced traders. It does not charge any commission on all online transactions of stocks, ETFs and options listed in the United States. TD Ameritrade also provides robust trading and education platforms that meet your level and guide you from there. Without a minimum account, you can also open an account wherever you are and your bank account.

SoFi Invest

Social Finance Inc. is another online broker offering commission free trades and minimum accounts of $ 0. You can trade free stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and initial public offerings. You can also buy fractional shares, so if you can’t afford a full share of Amazon.com Inc. (ticker: AMZN), for example, you can buy $ 5 of shares and create your account at go from there. That said, the investment options may be more limited than with other online brokers. For example, you cannot buy mutual funds or bonds through SoFi. So just make sure the site has what you want to invest in before opening a brokerage account. If you decide to invest, also keep an eye out for promotions for new clients, as the broker is known to offer sign-up incentives, such as up to $ 1,000 to trade when you open your brokerage account. using the SoFi app.

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