The Educational Policy Committee at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill defines the letter grade of B to be “superior mastery of course material.” The web site gradeinflation.com shows the average GPA during the academic year 2001-02 to be 3.09. The recently released report by the National Association of Scholars entitled Today’s College Students Barely More Knowledgeable than High School Students of 50 Years Ago, Pole Shows contradicts the notion that average student performance is superior. By definition, average is average. It is not superior to average.

Grade inflation is deceitful. Grade disparity is immoral. The academic transcript, while loaded to the hilt with A’s and B’s, has lost its validity. There is no 11th commandment. God never said: Thou shalt use A, B, C, D, F. It is of our own making, and it is not working very well.

We seek help in resolving the issues of grade inflation and grade disparity. We invite open discussion by faculty. If you wish to join this grassroots effort, please register. A collective voice is more effective than one crying alone in the wilderness.

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